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California-Geto(last updated Aug 2) ; UUNET & BBN & AT&T
Kansas-Pandakc(last updated Mar 1)
Michigan-Auchnet (timestamp.html bad) ; UUNET
New York-qmail.org; Sprint
Pennsylvania Pair(last updated Mar 1); AT&T, GLBX, Sprint, & Level 3
  Australia-Glasswings(last updated Mar 1)
AustraliaIlisys (timestamp.html bad)
Australia-II.net (timestamp.html bad)
Australia-Sydney (timestamp.html bad)
Hong Kong-Ibase(last updated Mar 1)
Iran-Morva (timestamp.html bad)
Japan-Teraren(last updated Mar 1)
Korea(last updated Mar 1), CDNetworks
Korea (site unreachable)
Singapore(last updated Mar 1)
Belgium-Hebergeur (timestamp.html bad)
Bosnia and Herzegovina-BLIC (timestamp.html bad)
Bulgaria-Online (timestamp.html bad)
Bulgaria-CBox(last updated Mar 1)
Czech Republic-Cuni(last updated Jan 2)
France-OVH(last updated Mar 1)
Latvia (Russian team)(last updated Dec 2)
Luxembourg (site unreachable)
Germany-Kendzorra (site unreachable)
Germany-Karlsruhe(last updated Dec 1)
Germany GNSW
Greece(last updated Mar 1)
  UK, Bangor, Northern Ireland - DNSBeans(last updated Mar 1)
Italy-Hypergrid(last updated Mar 1)
Poland-LU-MEDIA (timestamp.html bad)
Switzerland(last updated Mar 1), Omnis.
London, UK (timestamp.html bad)
UK, London, IPv4, IPv6 (timestamp.html bad)
  Argentina-Localhost.net.ar(last updated Mar 1)
Brazil-USP (timestamp.html bad)
Canada-qmail.ca (timestamp.html bad)
Canada - compevo communications (timestamp.html bad)
Israel-Abramov (timestamp.html bad)
Israel(last updated Mar 1)
Israel(last updated Mar 1)
Philippines RISE(last updated Mar 1)
South Africa (timestamp.html bad)

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